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5 Tips For Finding Quality Craft & Art Fairs

Finding quality events to sell arts and crafts is a never-ending chore.  Between April & October, I sell at a couple of local farmers markets that also allow crafters and artists.  While those are my steady stream of revenue, I also sell at other festivals in the Pacific NW. Here are five tips to find quality events: 

  1. Research farmers markets & art/craft festivals...go visit as a customer to see what the foot traffic is like BEFORE applying or committing to be a vendor. Talk to vendors and research social media to see if there is local promotion and advertising.
  2. Is the market or festival hard to get into?  Juried fairs and markets usually have higher quality vendors.  A waiting list usually means it's a great place to sell.
  3. Facebook has local vending groups that promote events, advertise "calls for artists", and sometimes even have event reviews. Beware of scams, though!  A lot of scammers will advertise fake events in these groups, so do your homework before sending money for an event. 
  4. Use websites like ZAPP and other vendor application websites to search for events.  This is a great way to keep all of your jury photos and information in one place, and it makes applying for shows super easy. 
  5. Plan ahead!  I start researching and planning for events usually a year in advance.  I am able to attend events, research and prepare for the jury process without rushing or having to settle for low-quality events. Also, be prepared to pay application fees, which usually run between $25-50, depending on the show.  

Good luck & happy selling! 

My name is Barb Macy and I’ve been making jewelry for 20+ years and specialize in sterling silver and sea glass jewelry. Thanks for visiting my page! - Barb M

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