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Come On In! Tips To Encourage Customers To Shop In Your Booth

Have you ever noticed some art festival or craft fair booths that have no customers...Even though there are plenty of people attending the event?  Whenever I'm selling, I try to observe those around me...those who are constantly busy...and those who have hardly any customers. Here are some tips to help you attract customers to your booth.

  • Is there a demand? You need to have a product that people actually want.  Does your product fit with the vibe and theme of the event? If you have a high-demand, well-made product, customers will find you! 
  • Signage.  We have our branded signage as well as a sandwich board to direct people strolling outside our booth what we offer INSIDE our booth. We also have other info signage...about us, prices, social media links, etc.   
  • Greet customers & make eye contact!  I once had a market neighbor who sat in the back of his booth, on his phone, and with his ear buds in.  Not only did he NOT look approachable, but he also looked like he didn't want to be interrupted from whatever he was doing! 
  • Start a conversation! My son's favorite conversation starter is talking about all of his locally-sourced gemstones in his jewelry. I love asking people where they are from (we see a lot of tourists).   
  • Invite customers to touch and try on. While this helps sell items, you also need to keep an eye on your products to prevent theft! 
  • Have eye catching displays. Keep your booth neat and tidy without a ton of clutter. Interesting displays and an aesthetically appealing overall appearance will bring customers in.
  • Dog Friendly? One of my local farmers market neighbors always has a dog water bowl and dog treats. She has cornered the market for dog owners!  
  • Samples?  Free samples always draw in customers. At our local market, we have a few bath & body sellers, and a couple of food vendors who always have samples out to test.  
  • Kid Friendly?  Being a kid-friendly booth is also important.  A couple of my neighbors have gum ball machines with free kid goodies. My son & I offer kids a few free Oregon sunstones from our stash. Kids love rocks and anything that sparkles! 

handmade sterling silver cobalt blue sea glass ring handmade by Barb Macy

How do you attract customers to your booth?  We sell jewelry, which is fairly easy to sell. But, we also have to work to attract customers and work to SELL our products. Selling is part of the creative process...just like polishing and packing an item to ship. Comment below to let me know what works for you! 

Good luck & happy selling!  

My name is Barb Macy and I’ve been making jewelry for 20+ years and specialize in sterling silver and sea glass jewelry. Thanks for visiting my page! - Barb M

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