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DIY Jewelry Making - How I Cut Jump Rings With A Dremel & Coil Cutter

Have you ever made chain maille?  It's very tedious, but I find it very therapeutic and relaxing. As long as I have decent lighting and am wearing my reading glasses, it is easy...just very time consuming.  My son has now taken ownership of any of the chain maille items we have for sale, and he has learned how to cut his own jump rings, which cuts down on the cost of materials. Here are a few tips: 

  • I coil my own wire and use an inexpensive set of transfer punches from Harbor Freight and my electric drill...Here is a video
  • I purchased a coil cutting system for my Dremel 20 years ago, and it still works just fine.  Since I have a Foredom flex shaft, I only use the Dremel for coil cutting, so it is permanently set up and ready to use. Here is a video
  • Use plenty of lubricant on the coils so the blade saws smoothly and lasts longer.  
  • Practice on copper or some other inexpensive wire first.  Don't learn on sterling silver wire! 
  • Wear protective eyewear when cutting. . . jump rings can fly! 

Good luck & happy making!  

My name is Barb Macy and I’ve been making jewelry for 20+ years and specialize in sterling silver and sea glass jewelry. Thanks for visiting my page! - Barb M

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