Handmade Jewelry Business - Tips To Help Increase Your Craft Booth Sales

Handmade Jewelry Business - Tips To Help Increase Your Craft Booth Sales

Are you struggling to make sales in your craft fair or art festival booth?  Are you wondering how you can boost your revenue from week to week?  I've been selling at markets for a while and have learned a few things about how to boost my sales.  Here are some tips for you: 

Handmade sterling silver 4mm wide hammered bands

  • Bring inventory.  You can't sell what you don't have.  In our booth, I make and maintain our basic earrings, while my son takes care of keeping our many bowls of stacking and plain silver rings stocked. These are our "bread & butter" items that always sell so we keep these displays FULL or have more inventory in our storage totes. 
  • All sizes? We sell A LOT of rings, and we have everything from a size 2, all the way up to rings for giant fingers and everything in between.  While the mid-range sizes are always popular, we actually sell a lot of larger and tiny sized rings.  Customers often are thrilled to find a ring that fits! 
  • Upsell & display coordinating items.  We sell gemstone stackers which are always front & center...so, we display our plain stackable rings nearby...Birthstone pendants & earrings are displayed together...We have our booth planned and laid out according to a plan to promote coordinating items and upselling. 
  • Custom orders? If I'm not too busy in the shop, I'll let customers know that I take custom orders if we don't have sizes or items in stock that day. If you welcome custom work, let customers know!   
  • Bring tools. Let your customers know you can modify pieces while they wait, if needed. We sell jewelry, and we always have our tools with us to do quick modifications if needed...swap out a clasp, shorten a chain, etc. 
  • Packaging?  Do you offer gift boxes and packaging, especially around the holidays? What's better than a customer shopping in your booth? A customer who can shop in your booth, and leave with a professionally packaged gift that is ready to give! 
  • Free Shipping? In our Etsy shop and on our website, we offer free shipping on any purchase over $35. I let customers know that we can ship for free if they are looking for a gift or need a custom piece. 

  • 1/2 inch sterling silver 4mm wide hammered hoops on posts.

    We focus on having plenty of inventory, without our booth being too cluttered. And, we always let customers know that if we don't have a ring size they need, we'll make it and ship for free. Offering made-to-order items and custom jewelry from our market booth boosts our sales EVERY time we sell.  

    Good luck & happy selling!  

    My name is Barb Macy and I’ve been making jewelry for 20+ years and specialize in sterling silver and sea glass jewelry. Thanks for visiting my page! - Barb M

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