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How To Be A Good Vendor… And Get Invited Back Next Year!

While I have only been selling my jewelry in person since 2021 (I also sold from 2003-2008 before taking a long break.), I have plenty of events under my belt (100 markets in 3 seasons).  I consider myself experienced enough that my booth runs smoothly, yet I'm always still learning something new.  Here are some tips to be considered a "good vendor" and how to get invited back next year...

  • Arrive early & be on time.  I've seen late arrivals lose their spot or be moved to a different location. 
  • Follow the market's vendor rules & guidelines...& pay your fees on time! Yes, I've seen market managers chasing vendors for booth fees the day of.
  • Be a good neighbor to fellow vendors...don't encroach into their space, don't have overly fragrant items, no loud music...don't be an a$$hole! 
  • Park in designated vendor parking spots.  Some events have limited customer parking. Bad parking situation = fewer customers. 
  • Help promote on social media...this is a huge one for event organizers!  You can also promote other vendors that will be at the same event. 
  • Having a well-presented booth that is neat and orderly will help the event.  Event managers want vendors & products that SELL and draw in customers. 
  • Clean up your space when you leave...don't make more work for the event organizers or manager. 

Once again, the simple rule of thumb is to be gracious and be a good neighbor. Always thank the event organizer...they probably only hear the complaints. Be helpful, keep your space neat, and most of all don't be an a$$hole! 😆 Good luck & happy selling

My name is Barb Macy and I’ve been making jewelry for 20+ years and specialize in sterling silver and sea glass jewelry. Thanks for visiting my page! - Barb M

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