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What Jewelry SELLS In Person At Markets And Festivals

Sterling silver twisted wire stackable rings


Are you new to selling jewelry, crafts or art?  Are you trying to figure out what to sell?  I started making jewelry in 2002, opened an Etsy shop in 2007, and started selling at markets in 2021 once my kids were out of the house.  In that time, I've been able to figure out a few things: 

  • What sells in person
  • What sells online & in our Etsy shop
  • What we LIKE to make
  • What we HAVE to make

Throughout all of that time, my skill set and inventory has evolved over the years.  My jewelry business looks totally different in 2024 from when I was selling in 2002. In this article I'm going to focus on our jewelry booth inventory & best sellers from our 2023 selling season. 

What Sells?

With my son, we have our jewelry booth and sell at a couple of local farmers markets and festivals in the Pacific NW.  What started out as a small solo endeavor (hoping to pay for expenses) in 2021...has turned into a full-fledge business that more than pays for itself.  And, I get to work with my son on a regular basis.

In our jewelry booth, you will find my sterling silver sea glass jewelry, stacking rings and huge selection of earrings...and, my son's statement ring collection, handmade chains & bracelets, and jewelry made with locally-sourced stones (Oregon sunstone, agates, jaspers, etc.).  My son and I both have our own one-of-a-kind pieces, plus things that we can reproduce (bread & butter).  And, our inventory in the booth is much larger than what we sell online.  What sells in person? Here is a video...

  • Earrings. I have everything from simple beaded drop earrings that cost $20, all the way up to earrings that sell for $150...and everything in between.  And, they all sell...studs, hoops, drops, dangly earrings, sea glass earrings, and birthstone studs.  Earrings are an easy sell, make a great gift for someone who is hard to buy for, and the buyer doesn't require a size.  My "bread & butter" items are simple studs & hoops.
Sterling silver wide hammered hoops on posts
  • Stackable Rings. My son is in charge of making plain stacking rings, and he sells a lot of them...these are his bread & butter. I make all of our gemstone stackers, and our ring displays and huge selection of cute colorful rings draw customers into our booth to shop! 
Sterling silver gemstone stacking rings displayed in a book
  • Statement Rings. Some markets we might sell 5 of my son's statement rings, and none of mine. Other times, we might sell 5 of my sea glass rings, and none of his. It is never the same. However, we both consistently sell larger rings that are priced in the $100-200 price range.  

I can honestly say that we have never been shut out at a market.  And, we have always sold enough to cover our booth fees.  Sure, we've had markets that were terrible...it happens.  But, because we don't only sell OOAK, higher-priced items, we always sell the BASICS - most customers can afford a $30 pair of hoops or a $22 stacking ring.  A few more things I've learned: 

  • Customers want and are willing to pay for sterling silver and gold.  While we only work with silver, a lot of our customers comment about metal allergies. And, you can charge more for higher quality materials. 
  • Offer a wide range of sizes.  We make & sell rings in ALL SIZES...we have tiny rings for a size 3 finger, all the way up to rings that fit a size 14. And, customers are thrilled when they can find a ring to fit! The more sizes you offer, the wider your customer base. 
  • Find your niche! For our jewelry business, my niche is sea glass and my son's nice is large statement rings.  He has his following, I have mine...and our jewelry inventory compliments the other.  

My name is Barb Macy and I’ve been making jewelry for 20+ years and specialize in sterling silver and sea glass jewelry. Thanks for visiting my page! - Barb M

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